NURS 110Y Nursing Fundamentals Skills Lab • 2 Cr.


A variety of fundamental nursing skills, including physical assessment, medication administration, and IV therapy provide baseline skills prior to entry into the clinical facilities. Students learn hands-on nursing skills and have the opportunity to practice and perform return demonstrations. Prerequisite: NURS 110Y


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Discuss the purpose of the health and physical assessment.
  • Discuss the purpose of collecting subjective and objective data.
  • Describe the techniques used during a physical examination.
  • Identify the purpose of equipment used in performing a health assessment.
  • Describe positioning of the client for privacy during assessment of each body system.
  • Discuss the importance of understanding cultural diversity as it influences the approach to health assessment.
  • Describe interview techniques used to enhance communication during history taking.
  • Discuss normal physical findings in a young and middle-age adult as compared to that of an older adult.
  • Describe the relationship between documentation and financial reimbursement in health care.
  • Describe the principles of documentation and reporting and the related legal implications.
  • Compare the different types of standard diets used in medical facilities.
  • Identify clients at risk for aspiration.
  • Name types of diets used for patients with high risk of aspiration.
  • Set up enteral nutrition using a feeding pump.
  • Assess for hypoxia and Describe “Oxygen Delivery Systems”.
  • Demonstrate the step-by-step problem-solving method of dimensional analysis.
  • Interpret medication orders accurately, based on the “Rights of Safe Medication Administration”.
  • Identify components from a drug label that are needed for accurate medication administration.
  • Dispense nonparanteral and IM/SQ medications safely and accurately.