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NURS 220Y Maternal and Child Health Nursing Skills Lab • 1 Cr.


A variety of maternity and pediatric acute care nursing skills provide baseline competency prior to entry into the maternity and pediatric care clinical facilities. Students learn hands-on nursing skills and have the opportunity to practice and perform demonstrations and simulation. Prerequisite: NURS 221Z.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • During the Nursing Skills Lab sections, students will learn the theory of selected nursing skills, view videos of these skills, attend classes under the direction of the clinical instructors and have opportunity to practice and perform return demonstrations.
  • Demonstrate a fundal assessment on a client in labor.
  • Describe a the leopold maneuver and when it is indicated for a client in labor.
  • Demonstrate a APGAR assessment on a new born.
  • Demonstrate a pediatric assessment.
  • Identify the differences between pediatric and adult medication administration.
  • Demonstrate the management of a pediatric patient in a simulated scenario using a high fidelity simulation mannequin.
  • Critique peer simulation experiences in regard to the standards of nursing care for pediatric clients

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