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NURS 231Y Pediatric Nursing Skills Lab • 1 Cr.


A variety of acute-care pediatric nursing skills provide baseline competency prior-entry into acute-care pedicatric clinical facilities. Students learn hands-on pediatric nursing skills and have the opportunity to practice and perform return demonstrations. Prerequisite: Admission to program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Assess maternal high risk factors for mother and fetus.
  • Perform APGAR scoring on a Newborn.
  • Perform a physical assessment on a child using Assessment, palpation, percution and auscultation skills.
  • Identify differences in adult and pediatric laboratory data.
  • Provide nutrition to a pediatric client.
  • Deliver medications safely in pediatric clients.
  • Discuss the differences between IV therapy in a pediatric client and an adult.
  • Apply oxygenation aids and treatments to clients with respiratory problems.
  • Act as team leader in a simulated pediatric scenario



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