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NURS 233X Maternal/Newborn Nursing Theory • 3 Cr.


This course focuses on women?s health promotion and maintenance and family-centered nursing care of the maternal and newborn populations. Students learn how to promote health maintenance, provide preventive care, and manage complications through the antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum periods of childbirth. Prerequisite: Admission to program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Discuss family-centered maternity care and the principles that underlie its philosophy.
  • Identify psychosocial issues that influence care delivery to the childbearing family.
  • Identify biophysiological and developmental issues that influence care delivery to the child bearing family.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of nursing interventions to meet and/or restore needs deficients that may result from:
    • Differing beliefs in labor and delivery management
    • Differing beliefs in use of technology
    • Differing beliefs of newborn and post partum care
  • Assess a woman who has high risk gestational factors.
  • Develop a care plan to ensure adequate weight gain and nutrition for a pregnant woman.
  • Assess a woman for early signs and symptoms of complications of pregnancy.
  • Explain the five variables that affect the labor process.
  • Describe maternal and fetal adaptations to labor.
  • Describe factors impacting maternal & fetal adaptations to labor: physiologic, psychologic, social, cultural, developmental, and ability to cope with stress.
  • Assess fetal heart rate.
  • Discuss rationales for specific nursing interventions to resolve significant changes in FHR.
  • Identify signs of potential complications during labor and delivery.
  • Discuss the various factors that would influence the woman's perception and response to pain during labor.
  • Describe nursing interventions to promote a woman's comfort during labor.
  • Explain non-pharmacologic management of pain during L&D.
  • Explain normal biophysiologic adaptation of the newborn at birth.
  • Perform newborn shift and admission assessment.
  • Recognize and report deviations from normal.



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