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NURS 290 Global Health and Nursing • 5 Cr.


Focuses on global health care within the domain of community health nursing and culturally competent practice. Provides students an opportunity to apply community health concepts in an international environment, gaining experience in diverse health care settings and participating in a community nursing health project. Prerequisites: NURS 100X, NURS 100Z, NURS 101X and NURS 101Z.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Discuss community health nursing concepts and practice.
  • Identify factors that influence the health of communities, individuals and families within communities.
  • Analyze the relationship between globalization and health.
  • Identify international community health resources.
  • Discuss characteristics of cultural competence as manifested by individuals, health services agencies, and communities.
  • Identify cultural issues and health beliefs within the community.
  • Compare the national health program in host country to health policies and programs in the US.
  • Identify environmental issues related to the health of communities.
  • Complete a community health assessment.
  • Work effectively as a team member in the development of a collaborative community health project.
  • Apply community health nursing concepts in a community within an international environment.
  • Share the experience in a public presentation.

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