NURS 450 Nursing Health Information Technology • 3 Cr.


This course is an introduction to health information systems and informatics concepts encountered in healthcare settings. The course is designed to enable students to use information management and patient care technologies to deliver safe and effective care to diverse patient populations in a variety of settings. Students will explore the nurse's role in implementing advanced technology and identifying the impact of health information systems. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the BSN program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Analyze the use of information systems and the effect on interdisciplinary communication in the healthcare setting.
  • Examine health information systems technology used in healthcare relative to quality improvement, reimbursement, patient satisfaction, patient-centered care and improved safety outcomes for both patients & healthcare workers.
  • Analyze and uphold current ethical standards and patients' rights that arise out of the use of health information technology.
  • Evaluate nursing’s role in the design, selection, implementation, and application of systems and technology in healthcare.
  • Critically analyze electronically accessible resources to determine credibility and application for healthcare consumers.