OLS 106 Communication in the Workplace • 2 Cr.


Communication in the workplace is unique to the environment. Understanding the use of assertive language, how to manage a conflict, solve a problem, and job finding skills are all related to being an effective communicator. Career networking is introduced. Prerequisite: OLS 105 and Acceptance into the program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Use assertive communication to prove your point or promote your idea
  • Demonstrate the ability to adapt communications when speaking with a coworker, a superior, and a customer
  • Identify the characteristics of a group and demonstrate interacting effectively in a group
  • Discuss career networking and build a business contacts list
  • Discuss conflict resolution in the workplace
  • Describe a systematic way to problem solve a situation
  • Demonstrate preparedness, competence and confidence when answering interview questions
  • Demonstrate workplace phone etiquette and message taking
  • Demonstrate effective methods for initiating a conversation with a customer in a specified setting
  • Prepare and present an idea to a group of people with clear concise language utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint