PE 117 Cardio Fitness • 2 Cr.


Promotes appreciation for cardiovascular fitness through outdoor walking, jogging, hiking, and aerobic games. Students of varying abilities follow a prescribed exercise program based on predetermined goals and assessments. Regular participation, safety, and maintaining a training log are emphasized.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Comprehension
    • Proper stretching techniques
    • Concepts of intervals and appropriate mileage techniques useful for the prevention of running-related injuries, including correct form
    • Techniques to monitor appropriate training workload
    • How to choose safe and appropriate training/running gear
    • Lydiard method of hard-day/easy-day training program
  • Application
    • Appropriate weight training techniques and individual weight training methods to gain needed strength
    • Stationary bike to maintain strength and flexibility and to develop cross training guidelines
    • Actual jogging techniques a minimum of 20 minutes and/or two miles daily with a partner
  • Evaluation
    • Evaluate individual needs/goals with appropriate training/running techniques
    • Evaluate lifelong fitness parameters and how to apply them over time
    • Discern three current maximum limits with instructor assistance
    • Evaluate appropriate speed versus distance concepts for their individual fitness parameters
    • Integrate a fitness philosophy such as espoused by Fit or Fat, and individualized for personal needs
    • Judge appropriate training/running techniques based upon weather conditions