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RAIM 401 Marketing in Healthcare Environment • 5 Cr.


Covers marketing in healthcare including aspects of business-to-business and business-to-customer. Topics include marketing strategies, cost benefit analysis, and assessment of success of marketing campaigns. Case studies are used to bring a contextual focus on specific departments and organizations in the global healthcare industry. Prerequisite: Acceptance to the program or permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Discuss the general elements and principles of marketing as they relate to various health delivery systems
  • Present the basic principles and elements of market research and market analysis
  • Evaluate the advantages and limitations of hiring outside consulting market research organizations
  • Examine the principles of consumer behavior and market segmentation
  • Assess the strategies and tools supporting environmental scanning and market surveys as they apply to healthcare organizations
  • Explain the steps and strategies to identify and evaluate new market opportunities for healthcare organizations
  • Discuss the basic functions of information systems in assessing market strategies
  • Examine the elements and principles of positioning, pricing and competitive analysis in the context of healthcare organizations within the constraints of managed health care
  • Develop and evaluate marketing and business plans for healthcare organizations and departments
  • Examine the role and elements of a promotion and public relations campaign
  • Debate ethical, legal, health outcomes issues relating to marketing and advertising in healthcare organizations and departments
  • Develop marketing communication for a variety of audiences and purposes, and for a range of dissemination formats (newspaper, flyer, electronic…) for healthcare organizations
  • Analyze the issues and strategies in repositioning a healthcare service or product to address different market segments
  • Debate how economic, psychological, and socio-cultural factors affect consumer behavior and the consumer decision process as they relate to healthcare organizations

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