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RAIT 303 Neuropathophysiology • 5 Cr.


Presents neurological based pathologies and the related diagnostic/interventional procedures applied in evaluation and treatment. Either RAIT 303 or IMAGE 266 can be taken for credit, not both. Prerequisites: BIOL&241 and BIOL&242 with a C (2.0) or better and admission to the program, or permission of the Program Chair.


Prerequisite: Acceptance into the program or permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify normal physiology of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system and relate normal to abnormal processes of each.
  • Analyze the physiology of the most common primary tumors of the head and spine including reasons for the primary location and metastatic possibilities.
  • Describe the physiology of related structures such as pituitary, orbits, and internal auditory canal—common pathologies and their presenting symptoms.
  • Predict presenting symptoms of head and spine trauma and relate them to diagnostic imaging findings.
  • Examine the most common pathologies of the neurological system, describing associated symptoms and possible imaging strategies
  • Describe lesions of the central nervous system including symptoms and diagnostic evaluations.
  • Evaluate possible interventions performed in an imaging department as they relate to the neurological system.
  • Debate the advantages and limitations of imaging modalities used singly or in combination as they apply to specific pathologies of the neurological system
  • Examine strategies to select appropriate diagnostic and intervention procedures based on the specific pathology

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