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Technical Support

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Combination class:
TECH 215 PC Analysis & Configuration I • 5 Cr.
TECH 217 PC Analysis & Configuration II • 5 Cr.

Placement by assessment into ENGL& 101 or ENGL 092 or 093 with a C- or better. Recommended BTS 161 or equivalent course work or exp erience. Fee: $57.50 lab.

Item # Section Instructor Day(s), Times, Room
4660 A Rudy Helm MTWTh, 5:30pm-7:40pm in A251
MTWTh, 5:30pm-7:40pm in A251
This is a 10 credit combination class. This course covers in one quarter the same material that TECH 215 and 217 cover. To be successful in this format, a student should have previous computer experience. This course covers all of the A+ competencies in preparing for the A+ Certification exams; covers PC hardware and software installation and configuration. Students gain hands-on instruction. Topics include: installation of operating systems and basic troubleshooting techniques; BIOS, IDE, system optimization, motherboards, printers and CMOS set-up. Additional topics include Dos and Windows introductory network installation and configuration, and basic electrical concepts and measurement. Fee: $115.00

TECH 293 Technical Support Internship I • 4 Cr.

Course is graded credit/no credit. Prerequisite: Entry code How to clear prerequisites?

Item # Section Instructor Day(s), Times, Room
4663 A Rudy Helm Arranged in A254