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Lee Buxton


I  have been teaching at Bellevue  College since the spring of  1984. I have also taught at Highline Community  College and the University  of Washington. The road to  teaching was not direct. I ran a swimming program for Seattle Public Schools,  worked as a fashion buyer for a large retailer, consulted in small and large  businesses and nonprofit organizations. Through all the different directions my  occupations have taken me, I have always returned to the Northwest. I was born  and raised in Seattle and have been spoiled with the easy access to the  outdoors of every kind of terrain, an endless variety of good restaurants, unique  bookstores, a community that embraces music and the arts and in general offers  a laid back lifestyle that encourages individuality and communal support.

I enjoy teaching all the speech communication courses. My  Bachelors and Masters are from the University  of Washington and I spent a  lot of time changing majors because I was too curious about everything. Started  in political science and law, made a turn into the natural sciences, a side  trip into the fine arts and backed into communications because it was a bridge discipline that has connections to all fields of study. All those changes taught me that whether you are a  student or a teacher-you need commitment, curiosity, tolerance, humor and a  sense of the ridiculous.