The Ballad of Rocket Man

Harlan Ellison on our Advanced Making Movies project:  ROCKET MAN AND THE AERIAL FORTRESS:

Rocket_Man2_small“…incredibly brilliant…I watched it with growing pleasure, disbelief at its skill, and ultimate huzzahs.  “This is a keeper!”  Cannot say that for the last 266 Marvel, Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich Rocket_man_twosomegumwads.  I only love your movie.  Every cent you guys put into it, every choice you made, up to and including Jenny’s lisp, is sublime.  Listen up, kiddo:  I am not given to issuing plaudits lightly; my

reputation precedes me, supported by now-102 books containing staunch enough ax-splittings…So, when I tell you that I am just nuts about you film, you can make book I ain’t just being commonly polite.  Thank you for the treat!”

– Harlan Ellison




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Last Updated June 2, 2014