HD Courses

Human Development (HD) courses are variable credit courses that serve as elective credits for the Arts and Sciences transfer degree. HD classes are offered in various formats such as online, hybrid, in-person, weekend, weekly, and late start formats. HD courses focus on topics that pertain to personal growth and life skills, as well as strategies for college success.

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HD courses that are offered will vary each quarter. Below are some of the HD courses that are offered for credit:

  • HD101: Healthy Self-Esteem
  • HD110: Stress Management
  • HD125: Motivation and Empowerment
  • HD140: Learning Strategies for Student Success
  • HD131: Understanding Personal Relationships
  • HD140: U.S. Race Relations
  • HD157: Assertive Communication
  • HD173: Career Exploration
  • HD210: Leadership Today
  • Individual Studies

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