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Winter Quarter Instruction

All Winter Quarter classes will start online and most will continue remotely through Jan 28. We plan to return to in-person, hybrid and online classes in Feb. The class schedule lists the class format (online, on campus, or hybrid). We will continue to monitor health conditions and make adjustments as needed. Please check your BC email or our COVID-19 website for updates.  

We monitor enrollments closely, adding sections as required. As in any quarter, sections with low enrollments are subject to cancellation. If you have questions about specific courses or disciplines, contact the program or division for more information.

Course Formats

On-Campus: These classes meet on campus and the schedule lists a meeting time and meeting room.

Hybrid: These classes have some meetings on campus (e.g., one day a week or a few days throughout the quarter). The schedule lists any required meeting times and the rest of the class meets online.

Online (Remote): Classes that meet remotely will say “Online” in the course schedule. If they also include a meeting time, that means students are expected to meet online at a specific time (synchronous instruction). If there is no meeting time listed the course meets asynchronously (no set online meeting times).

Notes listed under some course sections will provide additional details.