Remote Learning Guide


Asynchronous Learning

Learning without specified meeting times and days. Instructors provide content, set deadlines, facilitate online discussions, answer questions, grade, give feedback, and facilitate individual and group learning. Students work independently to complete assignments, group projects, quizzes, discussions, and other activities.

If the Day(s), Times, Room field in schedule shows “Online”, it indicates an expectation of asynchronous learning for this specific section.

Synchronous Learning

Learning that happens in real-time with instructors and students. Students are expected to
gather at a specified day and time in a virtual space based on a predictable and scheduled basis.

If the Day(s), Times, Room field in schedule lists days and times in addition to “Online”, it indicates an expectation for the students of this section to engage with their classmates and faculty in a virtual space during this day(s) and time specified.

Program-Specific Messages

Interior Design

Interior Design students should consult our Computer Requirements page to view recommended hardware configurations. Look for emails from your instructors before the start of the quarter. They will contact students on their class rolls to provide specific class requirements, instructions, and tech support resources. If you require assistance securing the required remote learning technology to participate fully in our classes, please contact Program Manager,, to inquire about remote access to lab computers and other solutions. Sign up to receive INDES Updates in the inbox of your choice. As news about additional technology solutions and resources become available, we will keep you informed.

Last Updated December 11, 2020