Flu Team Guidelines for “Rolling Parade” Drive-Through Commencement Celebrations

Clubs, departments, and other campus groups have the option to organize “rolling parade” drive-through celebratory experiences for commencement. Contact with faculty and staff should be limited;
however, items such as pins or sashes may be picked-up during these events.

Location Options
Only the following locations may be used for drive-through commencement activities:
• Lot 8 (Near T Building)
• Lot 10 (Near A Building)
Fire lanes may not be used for these activities; the flagpole circle is a fire lane. Campus Map

Date and Time Options
Groups will be able to choose from available dates and time windows. The Spring 2021 times are
outlined below. Time will be assigned on first-requested basis.

Available Dates
Commencement Drive-through activities may be scheduled:
• June 2 through June 24 OR
• June 26 through June 30

Commencement is scheduled for June 25; no events may be hosted that day. Campus services may be
limited if an event is hosted on a weekend day (over-time costs may apply).
Two weeks’ notice is required for any events needing support from Campus Events. The Flu Team
typically meets Monday and Thursday mornings. Groups are encouraged to submit a Commencement
Drive-Through Event Request a minimum of 3 weeks before their preferred event date.

Note: Traffic on campus is currently heaviest on Mondays and days after holidays due to the COVID-19
testing site.

Time Slots
There will be four windows per day for commencement drive-through activities. Group events are
required to be within one of these windows. Groups may select more than one window, based on
• 10 am – noon
• 1 – 3 p.m.
• 4 – 6 p.m.
• 7 – 9 p.m.

How to Schedule/Request an Event Time
To schedule an event, groups must:

  1. First reserve a date and submit a Commencement Drive-Through Event Request for approval
    using Bookings.
  2. If approved, the Flu Team will send the request to Campus Events for additional planning.
  3. Dates will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis.
  4. Any proposal to the Flu Team must have a college employee as the point of contact. That
    employee must be on site for the duration of the event and ensure that all event requirements
    (listed below) are met.

Student organizations are also required to complete the Student Programs project plan process through
the Office of Student Programs prior to submitting a proposal to the Flu Team. Student Organization
Advisors must be point of contact for the event. If an advisor cannot be present for the full event, they
must designate an employee to be present.
Events organized by college departments or division need to have approval by their respective directors,
deans, and A/VP.

Available Resources
Groups will need to work with Events to coordinate logistics. The following resources are available from
Campus Events. Charges may apply.
• Tent
• Tables
• Power
• BC Banner
• Signage/Sandwich boards
• Cones

Campus Events recommend an event coordinator and a public safety officer for events, though they are
not required. There may be costs associated with these events.

All Events Requirements
Commencement celebration events and activities are limited to BC students, unless otherwise noted
below. All celebrations need to have at least one BC employee present throughout the entire time
students are on campus.

Students participating in the drive-through event are required to have appointments/sign-up for
timeslots to participate. Appointments should stagger student arrival times.
Organizers should choose a sign-up method that is FERPA compliant (i.e., does not show the names of
other students).

Campus Check-In / Online Health Screening
Each student, faculty, and guest coming to campus will need to complete a campus check-in form the
day of the ceremony/event. The link for the campus check-in form is

Set-up and Pick-up
• Groups are responsible for picking-up/cleaning-up the area after each event. If significant cleanup is expected, please coordinate with Events to schedule staff from Grounds. Groups may be
charged a fee if clean-up after the event is needed.

Masks, Social Distancing and Safety Precautions
• Everyone must wear masks at all times during the ceremony, even if vaccinated.
• All participants must maintain 6 feet of distance/refrain from gathering.
• Hand sanitizer and frequent handwashing is required for participants.

Students Arriving by Vehicle
• Participants in a vehicle must remain in the vehicle at all times.
• Guests may be present in the vehicle but must keep windows nearest them closed.

Students Arriving Without a Vehicle
• Organizers must designate a “walk-up” area for students who do not arrive by vehicle.
• Areas must have 6ft distancing marked.
• Guests are not permitted to join students arriving outside of a vehicle.

Permitted Activities
• Items may be distributed to students (i.e., honor cords, pin, sashes, recognition items).
• Food may not be eaten on site. Any food or drink to be distributed must be purchased prepackaged (i.e., no home bake goods). Please contact Food Service for options.

• Individuals may not leave their vehicle to take photos. Selfie sticks welcome.
• Any photos need to have appropriate social distancing.
• BC staff and faculty should not be touching student phones or cameras to take photos.
• If student photos are taken by employees on an employee device, they could be shared directly
with the student in the photo. However, any photos taken may not be used by the College
without a signed photo release. Releases should be emailed or mailed to Sharon Berg.

Last Updated May 25, 2021