Student Vaccine Attestation FAQs

Who is required to be vaccinated? 

All BC students and employees must be fully vaccinated or request an exemption. This includes students taking online classes only, running start students and other students under the age of 18, but who are at least 12 years old. 

Who needs to complete the Student Vaccine Attestation (Confirmation) and Exemption form? 

All BC students need to complete the Student Vaccine Attestation (Confirmation) and Exemption form by October 4, 2021. This includes students taking online classes only, continuing education students, running start students and other students under the age of 18, but who are at least 12 years old. 

What is the deadline for submitting the Student Vaccine Attestation (Confirmation) and Exemption form? 

All Students must complete the online Student Vaccination Attestation (Confirmation) form by October 4, 2021, for Fall Quarter. Within the form, students may also ask for a medical or religious exemption. The college will post winter and spring quarter deadlines prior to the start of the quarter. 

What types are vaccines are allowed? 

Bellevue College accepts any vaccine approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or the WHO (World Health Organization).  

What does it mean to be “fully vaccinated?” 

A student is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after they receive their second dose in a two-dose series, or two weeks after they receive a single dose vaccine. 

When must students be fully vaccinated? 

All students must be fully vaccinated no later than November 5, 2021 (employees have different deadlines). This is after the form submission deadline of October 4. The chart below provides information on when students must receive their first dose to meet this deadline. Those receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine must obtain the vaccine on or before October 4 to submit the attestation form by the deadline. Students who receive a different vaccination from those listed below must calculate when to start their two-dose series to meet the November 5 deadline. 

VaccineSeries Dose RequirementFirst Dose No Later ThanSecond DoseComplete SeriesFully Vaccinated
Pfizer 2 doses, 21 days apart 11/29/202112/20/202112/20/20211/3/2022
Moderna2 doses, 28 days apart 11/22/202112/20/202112/20/20211/3/2022
Johnson & JohnsonSingle dose 12/20/2021N/A12/20/20211/3/2022

It is now past the October 4 deadline. Do I still need to submit an attestation? 

Yes, it is important for you to submit the attestation as soon as possible. All students, online only, on-campus and student employees must submit the form. If you do not submit the form, the college will place a block on your ability to register for Winter Quarter 2022. New and former students planning to register for Winter Quarter must also submit the attestation.

Where can students get vaccinated? 

There are a number of places to get the COVID-19 vaccination free of charge. King County has information on getting vaccinated for free in King County. Health care providers may also be able to tell you where to get vaccinated.   

What proof or documentation do students submit to show they are fully vaccinated? 

The college does not require students to submit documentation proving they are fully vaccinated. The Student Vaccination Attestation (Confirmation) form requires students to indicate the name of the vaccine they received, the date they received their first dose, and if applicable, their second dose. However, students participating in healthcare programs may be asked to submit documentation and are asked to check with their healthcare program for any additional requirements. 

Additionally, the college reserves the right to ask students to provide additional documentation, as needed, to confirm compliance with state and college requirements. This may include observing a student’s CDC vaccination card, state immunization information system record, or other documentation.  

Who may request an exemption? 

All students who have a sincerely held religious belief that prevents them from getting the vaccine, or those who have been advised by their healthcare provider that they should not receive the COVID-19 vaccine for health reasons can ask for an exemption. 

Can students request an exemption from the vaccination requirement?  

Yes, both the medical and the religious exemption options are embedded in the Student Vaccination Attestation (Confirmation) form.  

  • Open the form and click on, “I have not received the vaccination” 
  • Under Exemption Request, click on “yes” 
  • Then select the type of exemption you are asking for 

Generally, the religious exemption is approved at the time students submit the form. However, the college may contact students if additional information is needed within two to three weeks after submission. 

Students asking for a medical exemption are sent a form, which requires additional information. 

What happens if a student’s request for an exemption is denied? 

As long as a student submitted the Student Vaccination Attestation (Confirmation) and Exemption Form by the October 4 deadline, a full refund of college fees is permitted for withdrawals that occur after the 100% refund period has passed. This includes tuition and classroom fees, and the admission fee (for new students).  

However, students who receive financial aid, may owe a repayment on the grant funds they received based on when the withdrawal occurs. Students on financial aid should carefully consider the financial aid consequences related to their vaccination status.  

International students may have other consequences related to their student status and ability to stay in the country if they are withdrawn due to their vaccination status or the denial of an exemption.  

Can students who are approved for a medical or religious exemption come to campus? 

Students who are granted a medical or religious exemption may come to campus for classes, services and events, but must wear a face covering at all times and socially distance wherever possible. For fall quarter, all employees, students and visitors to campus must wear a mask.  

What happens if students do not submit a vaccination attestation (confirmation) form? 

The college will block the ability for students to register for future quarters if they do not submit the form as required. Additionally, students who do not submit the form may be subject to disciplinary action that may include suspension or dismissal from the college for fall quarter. This also applies if students submit false information on the form.  

Are international students who are not able to obtain a vaccine in their home countries required to get vaccinated before they arrive at the college?   

International Education and College staff will work with new international students on a case-by-case basis. First quarter international students should get vaccinated as soon as possible when arriving in the US. New international students need to be fully vaccinated no later November 5, 2021 or request a medical or religious exemption no later than October 4, 2021.  

Which form does a student employee complete – the student or employee form? 

Student employees must submit both the student vaccination attestation (confirmation) form and the employee vaccination attestation form. Student employees are considered state employees and must comply with Governor Inslee’s proclamation that requires all higher education employees to show proof of vaccination unless they request and are approved for a religious or medical exemption.  

Do students under the age of 18 need to submit the Student Vaccination Attestation (Confirmation) form? 

Yes, all students, including those between the ages of 12 to 18, and all running start students must submit the form indicating they are fully vaccinated or that they request an exemption.  

Where can students find a copy of the Governor’s proclamation? 

Governor Jay Inslee’s Proclamation 20-12.3 – Higher Education can be found using this link.  The proclamation provides clear guidance and requirements colleges must follow to be considered a fully vaccinated campus.  

Since the college is requiring all students and employees to be fully vaccinated or request an exemption, why are masks still required? 

Students, faculty, and staff must wear masks indoors, regardless of their vaccination status, effective August 23, 2021. Read more about the statewide policy

Can instructors or other college employees ask to see proof of vaccination?  

No, instructors and most staff cannot ask students about their vaccination status. The vaccine status of an employee or student is confidential medical information and is protected from disclosure under both federal and state law. College employees should refrain from inquiring about the vaccine status of students, unless making such an inquiry is within the employee’s job duties.  This may include staff in Human Resources, Enrollment Services, and employees connected with a student healthcare program that requires proof of vaccination (e.g., clinical courses).  

The college may inform faculty members about vaccine-related accommodations for students attending their classes. This is so the instructor can ensure that a student’s accommodations are being properly implemented.  As with other workplace and educational accommodations, employees should avoid making inquiries about the underlying circumstances giving rise to an accommodation.   Discrimination against students or employees based on their religious beliefs or on their actual or perceived medical status is strictly prohibited. 

Last Updated October 22, 2021