COVID-19 Exposure Notification Updates

REMEMBER: If you feel sick or have cold- or flu-like symptoms,

GO HOME or STAY HOME. Take a COVID-19 test.

The Flu Team received the following reports of COVID-19 cases on Campus:

Date ReportedDate Last on CampusDate of First SymptomsDate of Positive Test ResultLocation(s) on Campus
09/10/202309/07/202309/09/202309/10/2023U Building
C Building - C117
08/09/202308/09/202308/09/202308/09/2023R Building - R230 & R203
08/08/202308/07/202308/07/202308/08/2023T Building - T214, T222
08/07/202308/07/202308/06/202308/07/2023H Building
08/01/202307/28/202307/30/202308/01/2023R Building
07/26/202307/25/202307/25/202307/26/2023S Building

Next Steps:

If you believe you were exposed:  

If you test positive:

  • Submit a COVID Report as soon as possible so we can provide timely information to the campus. 

If you are experiencing any of the listed symptoms:

Bellevue College Flu Team 

COVID-19 Update Archive

Last Updated January 20, 2023