A Newspaper is a Diary of the Community it Serves.


From 1918 to 1975, the East Side Journal provided weekly news for communities along the eastern shores of Lake Washington. The stories were predominantly focused upon the city of Kirkland and her neighbors. At the time, Kirkland was the gateway into Seattle from all points east. Local towns like Redmond and Bellevue were small farming and bedroom communities, far removed from the nationwide software and banking centers they would later become. For most of this century, the East Side Journal reported local news and events, and in turn documented the transitional period as Kirkland grew from a 19th century collection of small farms and businesses into 20th century suburbia.

The East Side Journal database indexes headlines for almost every article printed during the years 1918-1975. Over 60,000 headlines are partitioned into over 100 categories. Some headlines in the database contain supplemental information (e.g. the name of a person described in the text, or whether a noteworthy photo accompanies the article). An issue date and page number accompanies each headline. The articles themselves are not resident upon this website.

When it was published, the East Side Journal was a small-town newspaper. Today, it is a diary that was kept by an American small town as she grew to become a city.

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