Glimpses of Kirkland History

The following are a few articles about Kirkland history that I've had published in the Kirkland Courier.

A few years ago, I used to write an article called "The Years in Your Ears" for Blackberry Preserves, the newsletter of the Kirkland Heritage Society. Each month, I would choose a different month in Kirkland's history and create a fictional retelling of an event that could have happened in town at the time. The stories were written entirely in dialogue, and sometimes the only character without lines was the reader. That dialogue had to be filled in by inference from the other lines.

I found this to be a very fun and educational way to give a glimpse into smalltown living that a simple retelling of events couldn't do. Having the characters in each story comment upon things about town proved to be a real challenge, especially when I was also trying to tell a story in just a page or two. I'm including a few of them here because I'm fond of these tales. I hope you are too.


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