There have been many folks who have helped me in the creation of the index and this website. If not for them, this project would never have become a reality.

The King County Landmarks and Heritage Commission - Hotel/Motel Tax Revenues provided the funding needed to get this site online. The commission is instrumental in many local heritage projects, and I deeply thank them for their support.

The Kirkland Heritage Society just celebrated their 20th year as a community resource for the preservation of Kirkland history, and will soon have their own webpage. Many members of this group provided much needed help and insight while the index was being created.

The Center for Puget Sound History and Archaeology provided the server space for this website, and founding member Dr. Graham Haslam has been instrumental in getting the search engine to work. It was Dr. Haslam's suggestion to place the index online in the first place.

Dr. Lorraine McConaghy is the real brainchild behind the entire index. In 1991, she was in charge of a Kirkland community history project of which indexing the newspaper was but a small part. She opened the door for me into Kirkland's past, and was incredibly supportive as I pored over all that microfilm and newsprint.

The Kirkland Library, and especially Sally Polk, allowed me full use of their facilities, microfilm and computer to type in the headlines. Being behind the information desk gave me a chance to share information with patrons who kept wondering "why that guy is typing so fast and noisily".

The East Side Journal has had various publishers over the years, but Charles O. Morgan is the one that I thank the most. When Chuck was publisher, he saw to it that much of Kirkland's history was documented in his newspaper, even stories from long ago. He also maintained the set of bound volumes that I used to get a real "feel" for the newspaper, and has always been able to answer many of my questions. The index is my way of thanking him for his own part in Kirkland's history.

Finally, thanks to all of my family and friends for being kind to my obsession with the past and love of history. You know who you are.


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1998 - Alan J Stein