AAS Degree

CS students at Bellevue College complete mostly Math, Physics, Humanities, and Social Science requirements as part of their first 2 years towards a 4-year degree at a university for transfer. This is actually the AAS 2-year degree (90 credits) at Bellevue College:

Associate in Arts & Sciences (AAS-DTA)

Completing this degree will prepare you to transfer to a participating college or university with junior status.

Bellevue College AAS_DTA unofficial degree worksheet (pdf).

Same worksheet as above, with CS recommended electives AAS_DTA_for_CS

A full year sequence of CS210/211/212 and MATH151/152/153 and PHYS121/122/123 are highly recommended, although not necessarily required by local universities (see footnotes 1-6 in above worksheet) for students to have maximum flexibility in their transfer options. See the Science  Advisor in L200 for additional information.

Computer Science (CS) Transfer Requirements

Obtain graduation requirements information from the department at the Universities you plan to apply for transfer.

CS is extremely variable from school to school, some might require a year of Physics, others none.  So pay special attention to the statement above: Obtain requirements from the University you plan to transfer to!

Getting Started

Apply for admission to Bellevue College, Online Admission.

Review and complete English and Math Assessment requirements. (Visit: Assessment Office)  Prerequisites are enforced for courses up to MATH& 151 and ENGL& 101.

Use Online Prerequisite Check to have previous college transcripts evaluated for meeting Bellevue College course prerequisites.

Other resources:  Financial Aid and Scholarships, Parking Info, Academic Calendar

Last Updated February 21, 2018