Dr. Bill Iverson Picture

Dr. Bill Iverson

Computer Science Instructor


Dr. William Iverson is a professor of computer science, a full-time CS faculty member at Bellevue College since 2001. Bill started teaching engineering courses at BC when he was an engineering consultant, working on groundwater projects, doing sophisticated geophysical data acquisition and computer processing. Prior to that time, he worked as a petroleum engineer, a career that started in 1979 with software engineering on mainframe computers for Amoco, Standard Oil and Union Pacific Resources in Colorado, Texas and Wyoming, then worked as a full professor of engineering at University of Wyoming. He is a native of the pacific northwest, raised on Mercer Island, and currently resides in Issaquah.

Bill has fulfilled many roles at BC, taught courses in ENGR, CS, DBA (database), BTS (Project and Access), PROG (C#) and BA (statistics). He was appointed Dean of the Business Division in 2007, which eventually became IBIT, and he returned to full-time CS teaching in the Science division in 2012. He currently focuses on the CS210/211/212 introductory courses with Java and C++, along with mentorship and advising for the transfer programs at Bellevue College.