ctcLink Demo

The ctcLink Learning environment is ready! You can view the ctcLink Test Environment below:

ctcLink Demo

This environment is self-guided, so you can explore the PeopleSoft tools, practice steps and workflows, and conduct trial-and-error business processes activities on your own, without hurting yourself or others. 

A few notes

  • Here are a few User log-ins to choose from to get you started.
  • Each Log-In contains security permissions assigned to its profile. So what you see in one profile may be different from what you see in another.
  • This is not your local configuration. It reflects configuration from colleges already live on ctcLink PeopleSoft, as of March 9th 2020. 
  • This data is from a previous deployment group and has been scrubbed of identifying information. As such, not all data is complete and you may not be able to access everything we will have access to once the system is live.

Log-Ins (Password for all log-ins: Test123!)

101005986General User
101005986General User
101007850General User
101007850General User
101009729General User
201274256General User
201195690International Student
201387564BAS Student
201062334Running Start Student
201008162General Student
101008081HR Admin User
201241612HR Admin User
101002098Payroll Admin User
101002932Payroll Admin User
101006466Finance Office Manager
101008097Finance Office Manager
101005581Finance Self Service
101000001Finance Self Service

Last Updated April 27, 2021