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ctcLink Training

ctcLink Self-Paced Check-In Sessions

We are organizing a series of training check-in sessions for employees so that they can discuss and ask questions regarding the Phase 1 SBCTC self-paced training. The schedule and links for these sessions are given in the website and flyer below.   

Employees who have completed the relevant training courses are welcome to drop-in for these sessions by clicking on the meeting links next to the date and time. ​

ctcLink Phase 1 Training Check in Sessions Website and Flyer

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For Managers:

Please remember to track your staff’s training. You can view the ctcLink Manager’s Guide to let you know what to do to get your team through this transition. Feel free to use this Training Tracker template to help identify and track employee progress. A Weekly ctcLInk Training Completion Report.xlsx (sharepoint.com) will be uploaded regularly to show employee progress.

Below is the recording and slide deck of one of the recent ctcLink Manager trainings on change management. If you have issues accessing the recording or slide deck, please contact Warda Zaman.

ctcLink Manager Training Recording

ctclink Manager Training Slide Deck

Phase 2 Training by Audience and Deadlines

To receive access to Phase 2 trainings, Phase 1 training must be complete by May 31st.

UsersUAT WalkthroughsUAT ActivitiesKey Concepts Training Sessions
All Staff – HP UsersRecommendedNoHighly Recommended
All Staff – non HP UsersNoNoNo
Data Validation ParticipantsRecommendedOptionalRequired
UAT ParticipantsRequiredRequiredRequired

Phase 2 training is comprised of three main categories:

  • UAT Walkthroughs: SBCTC led pre-training for UAT Activities. This is a great way to get exposure to the system and to learn the workflows. They will give you a sense of what to expect, the workload, and time commitment for UAT Activities.
    • Dates of UAT Walkthroughs: June 1st – July 22nd (1 – 3 hour sessions)
  • UAT Activities: SBCTC project task testing business workflows from beginning to end. This is a time intense task.
    • Dats of UAT Activities: July 28th – Aug. 23rd (Sprint 1), Aug. 30th – Sept. 24th (Sprint 2)
  • Key Concept Training Sessions: SBCTC led training on workflow specifics. It will align with UAT activities and will be recorded.
    • Dates of Key Concept Training: Aug. 4th – Oct. 7th
Learn more about UAT Participation

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ctcLink Training

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Online Self-Paced ctcLink Training Courses

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Last Updated August 25, 2023