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Frequently Asked Questions


How is the new course numbering system reflected in the Degree Audit?
Requirements/transfer distrubtions are listed using the new course numbering system. Courses completed prior to summer 2008 are still applicable but are displayed as the old number. A green check mark will confirm completion of the requirement/transfer distribution.

For example, if you completed Math 156 (now Math 138) during Fall 2000 to meet a requirement, a green checkmark will be present; however, you will see on the distribution requirement that the new number is listed (not the old) To cross-reference new numbers/titles, visit:  

Will my credits earned from other schools be displayed?

Can I view my BC course history without linking to a degree or certificate?

  • Yes. In the drop down menu next to “Select a degree” in the Degree Audit page, scroll down to the end and select "ZZ Course History.

Can I view my BC math and English skills assessment results?

Are substituted and/or waived courses for professional/technical programs displayed?

Are there limitiations to what Degree Audit can do?

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