Frequently Asked Questions


How is the new course numbering system reflected in the Degree Audit?

Requirements/transfer distributions are listed using the new course numbering system. Courses completed prior to summer 2008 are still applicable but are displayed as the old number. A green check mark will confirm completion of the requirement/transfer distribution.

For example, if you completed Math 156 (now Math 138) during Fall 2000 to meet a requirement, a green checkmark will be present; however, you will see on the distribution requirement that the new number is listed (not the old).

Will my credits earned from other schools be displayed?

Degree Audit only displays transferred-in credits that have been officially evaluated and approved by the Evaluations Office November 2007 forward. Students who have registered for classes may submit a request form for an Official Transfer Credit Evaluation. Once your transcript(s) have been evaluated, the accepted coursework will be displayed. For more details and the required form, go to the Evaluations website.

  • Important Note: An unofficial review of your credits with an advisor does not qualify as an officially submitted request. You still need to complete the official process with Evaluations for courses to be displayed in Degree Audit.
  • How are transferred-in courses displayed? Transferred-in courses are denoted by a code “TR” in the degree audit page. Transferred-in courses are converted to their Bellevue College (BC) equivalent courses in the degree audit page. Courses that do not have a direct equivalency will be shown as ENGL 901, MATH 902, BIOL 903, etc. and will be accepted to their applicable distribution or area of your primary degree or certificate.
  • What is the maximum for transferred-in credits? A maximum of 60 credits (or one third of the required total credits) will be accepted and applied to your primary degree only. If you change degrees, you need to submit another request to the Evaluations Office to re-evaluate your credits according to the requirements of the degree you select.

Can I view my BC course history without linking to a degree or certificate?

Yes. In the drop down menu next to “Select a degree” in the Degree Audit page, scroll down to the end and select “ZZ Course History.
Can I view my BC math and English skills assessment results?
Degree Audit only displays your COMPASS assessment scores (not your placement). Contact your advisor or the Assessment Office for your placement.

Are substituted and/or waived courses for professional/technical programs displayed?

Degree Audit only displays the approved substituted course and/or waived requirement(s) that the program chair of the degree or certificate approves and officially submits to the Evaluations Office with a degree/certificate completion worksheet (program chair contact information is found on worksheet).

Substituted courses and waived requirements are denoted by “SB” and “WV”.

Are there limitations to what Degree Audit can do?

  • Split credits – Degree Audit does not use partial credits for a degree requirement that has maximum credit limitation. Such as the rules of three maximum credits for activity PE classes and five maximum credits for performance/studio art classes in Humanities distribution for the AAS-DTA transfer degree.
  • Semester credits – Semester credits transferred from other colleges are multiplied by 1.5 converting them to quarter credits. For example, 3.0 semester credits is converted to 4.5 quarter credits. Degree Audit will not check you off for completing a requirement that has a minimum credit rule because of the 0.5 credit difference. However, the Evaluations Office would waive the 0.5 credit for that area as long as you have met the minimum total number of credits required for the degree or certificate.
  • Out-of-sequence courses are not tracked: Bellevue College does not grant credit for prerequisite courses in English composition, mathematics, world language, or sciences completed after a more advanced level course has been completed. For example, students will not be awarded credit for English 101 if it was taken after English 201. However, Degree Audit is not able to track the order you complete the courses but will apply both courses to the degree. Important! You are still required to comply with the College’s policy for out-of-sequence courses even though they are all applied in the degree audit page.
  • Residency credit requirement not tracked: The College’s policy states that at least one-third of the credits required for a degree or certificate must be completed in residency at BC. However, Degree Audit does not track this requirement. Important! You are still required to comply with the College’s residency credit requirement even though your transferred-in credits displayed in Degree Audit have exceeded the maximum.

Last Updated August 20, 2020