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Distance Education
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What Our Students Are Saying...

About Distance Learning At Bellevue College

If you think you’re too old or that you simply cannot endure the rigors of going to school to complete that degree; think again! At the young age of 44, I just earned my Associates in Arts & Sciences (with honors) from Bellevue College after a 20+ year journey through Photo of Stephani 

I started many moons ago at Austin Community College in Texas and took a brief (OK, long) detour and raised two wonderful sons. Working full time all these years, I encountered numerous roadblocks in the corporate world simply because I did not have a degree.  I came to the realization I had to “git ‘er done”.  With the wonderful help from the Distance Education Department staff at Bellevue College, I was able to wind my way through to the mid-way finish line.  I have been accepted at WSU in the Online program and will now start the second half of my journey towards a Bachelor’s Degree.
         Don’t hesitate!  Start with one class and after you get the hang of it, you will reward yourself with a sense of accomplishment and personal growth.  Best wishes to y’all on your journeys!  ~ Stephani M.


I'm about 2 weeks away from graduation at WSU and have been accepted into the WSU MBA program for the fall.  The flexibility of the Bellevue distance program, Photo of Kathryn Van W.combined with the quality of education and the transfer agreement with WSU, gave me the opportunity to finish my BA in almost exactly two years. 

For a working parent, online classes provided the same caliber of education as on-campus classes with the flexibility I needed to accomplish my goal for further education. The Bellevue distance staff was critical in my success—always available to assist or answer questions. Without my AAB through the Bellevue distance program, I would not have been able to start MBA classes in the fall. I recommend the Bellevue program to anyone working toward an Associate degree, a BA, or even an MBA. ~ Kathryn Van W.


That's me holding the sign! The accomplishment is the culmination of 5 years worth of hard work.  Photo of Edward G. after graduating It is also due, in large part, to the Distance Education programs of Bellevue College and Washington State University. With the help of these two fine institutions, I was able to complete my degree while being a full-time worker, a full-time father and husband, performing duties in my community, and attending 9 credit hours per semester.  Being a Distant Degree student, I was able to “attend” classes when it is was convenient to me;  I was not required to sit through lectures that repeated things I had already mastered; and I was allowed be the master of my own time schedule.  The Associates degree I received from Bellevue College transferred directly to WSU thanks to an agreement reached between them.  It wasn't easy; it took serious dedication and commitment. If you have those, but your schedule doesn’t match traditional education, I strongly recommend the Distance Degree Programs offered by Bellevue College and their partners.  Best of all, I paid in-state tuition! ~ Ed G. Spokane, WA.

I wrap up my AAS with English Emphasis Winter Quarter.  I have taken all but two classes online, and this has enabled me to complete my degree over the past ~2 years, hold down a full-time job, and still have time to mountain bike, ski, and camp with my son, husband, and dog on weekends. Photo of Natalie M. If it were not for online courses, I would not have been able to complete the AAS as quickly as I did with the schedule that I have.  This ability far outweighs any disadvantages online might present.
         I head to U.W. Spring Quarter for a B.A. in English, provided my job allows enough flexibility.  If U.W. does not work out, I will complete the WSU online B.A. program in Humanities and perhaps return to U.W. for a Masters in Creative Writing.  Either way, I plan to use my learning to further a career in creative writing—one that echoes the harmony and quarrel of humanity with words and captures the intangible within us all.
         Though I love writing, I understand the nature of that 'industry.'  Writing professionally requires hard work and an unshakable determination to succeed, and quite a bit of luck.  A degree in any area, however, has broad application possibilities and will only further any 'day job' career while I continue writing on the side and attempt to succeed in the professional writing world.  Without online, this degree would not have been possible for me at this point in my life.
         You may never meet me or see my name again unless it is on the spine of a book, but I will complete my education and complete it in a way that would make you proud if you knew about it.  ~Natalie M.

In my first year of Distance Ed. Classes, I was touring the country with my band....  Picture of Ryan W.
         The Distance Education program at Bellevue College has changed my life. Because of it I’ve been able to earn a college degree basically on my own time, rather than having a certain time I have to be to class every day.
         In my first year of Distance Ed. Classes, I was touring the country with my band. This would not have been possible if it weren’t for this program. Now I work full-time and take on-line classes. If it were not for the flexibility of the distance program, I would not be on my way to an Associate in Business degree. I have been able to work for these two years and save up money for when I transfer to a 4-year university next year.
         The classes are just as challenging as taking them on campus and the teachers are very involved in each class. Taking on-line classes is definitely a test of self-motivation. I never really liked school before and now I’m excited about it. I love the distance program and I don’t know where I’d be right now without it. ~Ryan W.

I first heard about Bellevue College's Baccalaureate Degree Program [in partnership with Edmonds Community College and Washington State University] through a friend. Photo of Sandra B., Military WifeMy husband had just received orders to move to Washington, and I wanted to continue my education, but knew another move was imminent.
         After researching Bellevue College and the online transfer degree program, I knew that it was totally right for me. As a military spouse, it's hard enough to change jobs with each move, but to transfer school credits can be a nightmare, and very expensive. Bellevue College's seamless 2+2 AAS Transfer Degree to Washington State University's Baccalaureate Distance Degree Program (DDP) allowed me to continue working full time, and now I'm all set to graduate with my Associates, even though I just moved to Virginia.
         It was two years of hard work, but well worth it, because now I can continue my education by attending Washington State University's Distance Degree Program this fall.      ~ Sandra B.

Bellevue College's distance program is a whole new perspective on learning. Although class discussions and group interaction are accomplished in a non-traditional way, the convenience and flexibility of the program allows the student to accomplish much more than in an in-class setting.
         Picture of Erica C.In the past year, I was able to work towards the completion of my Associate in Arts and Sciences transfer degree while at the same time being a full-time mom to my 11-month old son. At first, the distance program appeared daunting because of the unfamiliar setting but after awhile, I realized that I was learning more than just History or English. Not only did I have to learn how to budget my time wisely, but I became more self-reliant because I was basically completing all of my work alone.
         Currently in my fifth quarter of online classes, I have no regrets and only praise for the program because it has made education a part of every area of my life. The fact that I have been able to continue with my education while attending to the needs of my son is something that I could never have done anywhere else.     ~ Erica C [Erica just confirmed that she has now received her B.A. in Business Management/Operations from WSU. Congratulations, Erica.  Way to go.]

I am a 41-year-old professional who works from home and performs volunteer work. Picture of Edward G.My wife and I have a large family and busy schedules. We determined that the only way I was going to complete my Bachelor degree was to find a distance education source. I tried other schools, but the prices were astronomical, financial aid would not cover enough, and I was not impressed with the accreditations.
         I then learned of the transfer agreement between Bellevue College and WSU. Now I can attend classes from my home, receive a Bachelor degree from a "real" college, AND pay in-state tuition! The support staff at Bellevue College has been extremely helpful and considerate of the impossibility of "coming down to the office." The classes have maintained the same level of excellence as classes taken on-campus, and I can "attend" them when it fits into MY time of the day. I would recommend Bellevue College Distance Education to anyone who is dedicated to learning, but has an uncertain schedule.     ~ Edward G.

My boss once sat me down and told me that I would never be able to advance in my career if I didn’t have a degree.  Picture of Bonnie B.
         As a 34 year-old working professional and mother, a college degree seemed but a distant dream.  There was no way I could fit going to college into my schedule.  I had two children, ages 4 and 1, and used every spare moment I had being with them.  Right about that same time, my husband noticed an ad for the Distance Degree Program being offered by Bellevue College and WSU.  We checked it out, and were told that the only time I’d have to go to campus would be to graduate!  This would allow me to continue working, and continue being there for my husband and babies, yet earn my college degree so I could further my career.  I pursued this option, and now, 3 1/2 years later, I have completed my degree, with honors, in Business Administration.
          My future is wide open now.  My DDP degree has opened doors that my boss once told me were closed.  I have advanced from the position of Inventory Control Clerk to that of Accountant and currently I am the Plant Controller with one of Washington’s largest Dairy Manufacturers.
         Without the DDP program, offered through Bellevue College and WSU, I never would’ve been able to attend college, which would’ve stifled any upward movement of my career.  I would like to say thank you to all those involved in the program, and a special thanks to my Bellevue College Advisor, Bonnie Ellis, for being there for me throughout my time at both schools.     
Bonnie B.


In June 2006 I finished my last classes and graduated from Bellevue College with an AAS degree. Before attending Bellevue College, I had struggled in the turmoil of supporting my wife and myself with a fulltime job and also going to school.Picture of David L. 
          After about 3 years of being out of school, I started investigating the option of going online. I researched several schools until I finally stumbled upon Bellevue College.
         Upon attending Bellevue College I found that the classes were more challenging than the courses that I had taken on campus at other schools, which allowed me to learn a lot.   Also, because of the flexibility to work on things when I wanted to work on them, I was able to keep my fulltime job and still apply the amount of time needed to do well in my classes.     
~ David L.


Bellevue College's online distance education program has been a wonderful way for me to continue my education without sacrificing time with my family. Because I was not willing to make the financial or emotional sacrifice of sending my 2 boys to day care, online learning became my only option. In the two years I have been taking classes online I have learned time management, self discipline, and improved my computer skills in addition to the course materials provided by Bellevue College's exceptional teachers. Without a doubt, Bellevue College's online program provides an excellent way for adults to further their education in a convenient and flexible format that will fit into any busy schedule.     
~ Staci H.


I love the distance education program. I have two young boys, 2 and 5 years and am finding that with one in preschool and the other more independent that I have some extra time on my hands to finally finish my degree. This semester I am taking Astronomy and lab with Dan Knight and Propaganda and Persuasion with Mike Korolenko. They are two excellent teachers. I communicate more with the teachers and classmates through the bulletin boards than I ever have in any classroom setting in college in the past. I appreciate all of the work these teachers and all of your associates in the distance ed office have put into other students like me. ~Thank you!      ~ Kelly M.