Name Change Policy and Procedures

Name Change Policy

Students and employees have the right to change their name in our class roster, email, diploma, graduation program, or add a preferred name.

Please consider how a name change may impact services or processes within or between educational institutions, such as: financial aid, transcripts, and transferring to another institution.

Name Change Procedures

You have two options for changing your name in our system. Option (1) allows you to add a preferred name within our system and will not change your first or last name. Option (2) allows you to change your name and has two methods, one virtual and the other in person.


To add a preferred name in our records and future class rosters, no identifiable information is necessary. Below are the following steps in this process.

  1. Click on the Online Services link at the top right of the Bellevue College home website.
  2. Click on the Update Contact Information or add preferred name and enter your Student ID number and Student PIN. Lastly, click on the button, Login.
    Student COntact Info Login Screen Image
  3. Then click on the button, Change my Contact Information or add preferred name.
    Name Change Screen Shot
  4. The form will allow you to enter updated information in the fields. The Preferred Name section is located at the bottom of the options. Enter your preferred name and click the button, Update.
    Submission Form Image
    Once the form is completed. The instructor will be able to see the preferred name appear within the instructors briefcase. An example of the instructors view is below:
    Visual representation of instructor briefcase


To change your first and/or last name in our records for future class rosters, you will need identification. Below are the two paths for changing our records.

Virtual Service

  1. Visit the Student Central Ticketing System to submit a request. Click on the “Ask for help” button.
    Ticket System Screen Image
  2. You will be able to submit a request if your new, returning, or a current student, by using our “log In” button. If you are new to Bellevue College, you will need to continue to register so that we can finalize an account.Student Central Request Log In Image
  3. Complete the form with a minimum of a Subject, Description, and Department completed. The Department should read “Enrollment Services” for this request.Name Change Online Form Image
  4. An enrollment specialist will reply to your request and will begin to verify your information and update your name into our system.

In Person (Due to COVID-19, not currently available)

  1. Visit the Student Central Office with a picture identification with your updated name.
  2. Talk with an enrollment specialist who will verify and update the updated name into the system.

Human Resources will update the name in the personnel system.

  1. Please send an email of the name change request to The email should contain the following information:

It is recommended to connect with the Social Security Administration to avoid any issues with W-2 forms.

In order to change the display name of an email address, please complete the following steps.

  1. The requester must submit their own ticket request, this is available by clicking here.
    Username Request Website
  2. Use your current login to create the request
    login screen image
  3. Lastly, complete the form using the following information and click sthe submit button at the bottom of the page:
    • The information needed is:
      • Prior name and email address.
      • External email address (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). This is to communicate to the user when the email changes have been completed.
      • Desired name and email address.
    • Lastly, click on the submit bottom located at the left side, bottom, of the page.
      Online I.T. Request Form Image

Please contact the Service Desk at 425-564-4357 with any questions or concerns.

When applying for graduation, you will have the opportunity to write in your name as it will read on the diploma and on the graduation program.

  1. Please click on Graduation Application to begin the graduation application process. You will need to verify the deadline for the quarter you are expecting to graduate prior to submitting an application.

    Once you’ve read through the important dates and information. Click on the button, Apply for Graduation Now.
    Apply for Graduation
  2. You will then be directed to the Log in screen where you will need to click on the button, Log in.
    Graduation Application Log in Screen Image
  3. This will lead you to the Graduation Application. You will need to complete the application content before clicking the button, Apply for Graduation. Once clicked, this concludes your application submission and will be then be reviewed by an evaluator.
    Graduation Application Form Image

The Student Business Center will issue a new card after the Records and Roster Name Change process update has been made.

The preferred name will appear as a replacement of the first name on the card and the last name will remain. (Ex. First Name: Brutus, Last Name: Bulldog, Preferred Name: Brue, the new card would read: Brue Bulldog)

  1. Complete one of the options within the Records and Class Roster Name Change processes.
  2. Visit the Student Business Center, located in the Student Union Building, C105.
    Student Business Center Image
  3. You will be asked to confirm your identity.
    (The quickest forms to confirm identity are: state issued ID, valid driver’s license, passport, or permanent residency card.)
  4. You will have the opportunity to take a new picture along with the updated name.
    Brutus Bulldog ID Card Image
  5. You will be given your updated card.
    Brue Bulldog ID Card Image

If you have any questions on this process or if it needs updating due to changing regulations or departmental procedures, please contact

Last Updated February 1, 2021