Name Change Policies

Diploma/Graduation Program Name Change Policy

When completing the graduation application, put your chosen name in the box for “name on diploma.”

Submit name change requests for the graduation program to Steve Downing.

Email Name Change Policy

In order for a student (or faculty/ staff member) to change the display name of their email address a few things need to be done.

First, each student (or faculty/ staff member) will have to submit their own request center ticket requesting the name change; it can’t be done on behalf of someone.
To do this, please visit

Additionally, we will need the following information from each student (or faculty/ staff member):

  • Current name and email address
  • External email address (gmail, yahoo, Hotmail, etc.). This is to communicate to the user when the email changes
  • Name and email address they want to change to.

Please contact the Service Desk at 425-564-4357 with any further questions or concerns.

Last Updated June 7, 2017