Counseling Services on Campus

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Bellevue College’s Counseling Department, located on the second floor in the B-Building, offers free confidential counseling and consultation services for both students and faculty.  Please feel free to contact the front desk at 425.564.2212 if you have any questions.





What counseling services are available for students?

  •  Short-term confidential personal counseling (approximately 6 sessions per academic year). Common issues include anxiety, depression, conflicts with family and friends, social anxiety, trauma, cultural transitions
  •  Crisis intervention for students who are at-risk of imminently harming themselves or others
  •  Comprehensive career counseling, including interpretation of career assessments
  •  Educational counseling, e.g. help with test anxiety, identifying a career major, study skills, time management
  •  Support for students on probation and assistance with developing a holistic success plan that addresses personal, mental, financial, and academic barriers
  •  Referral for campus and community resources, e.g. housing, low-cost therapy, food, low-cost legal services


What if I have a question for a counselor?

  • You may call the Counseling/Advising front desk and ask to speak to a counselor. If a counselor if not immediately available, and it is not a crisis, you may make a phone or in-person appointment. Call: 425.564.2212.


What other services do counselors provide?

  • Teach Human Development courses and workshops, e.g. stress management, career exploration, assertive communication, motivation and empowerment.

Last Updated December 12, 2014