Lydia Brown Wraps Up Disability Pride Month!

A brown street sign that reads Disability Pride Parade Way

October was Disability Pride Month here at BC.  Events ranged from technical trainings on accessible documents to the Disability Postcard Project, a collection of postcard-sized art with musings on what disability means.  Below are a few examples but you can check out the full blog of postcards, including image descriptions.

Disability Postcard number 1 - At the top of the postcard is the phrase “the truth is” on a tannish/green piece of paper. Under that, the words “Disability is” is composed of various colors and sizes and fonts (some red, turquoise, yellow, green, and orange). Under that is random cutouts of the words HOT, CHIC, KICKASS, BEAUTIFUL with the words A TRAGEDY, UNLOVEABLE, HEARTBREAKING, and BAD crossed out.
Disability Postcard #1
Disability Postcard number 2 - The picture is cut into 4 quadrants with a title in the center reading, “4 Stages of life with autism”.  Top Left: text reads, “1. School” classroom picture with a poster reading “Math is fun!”, contrasting that is a student (a bunny character) at a desk with a thought bubble that reads, “2+2=?” Top Right: text reads, “2. The World” with a city in the background, the bunny character is out in a distant field next to a bird. The bunny character is sitting in the grass with a blank expression and is alone. Bottom Left: text reads, “3. A Career” the bunny character is sitting at another desk, similar to the school classroom picture, is diligently working at a desk, drawing. Bottom Right: text reads, “4. Happiness” the bunny character is holding hands with a female bunny counterpart with a heart in between them. The sun is big and shining in the background. Both bunnies seem to be happy and smiling.
Disability Postcard #2

The month was capped off with a talk from Lydia Brown titled, “Beyond the Imagined Normal: Disability, Pride & Culture.”  Over 100 people were in attendance and many asked questions or stuck around to chat with Lydia over desserts.  We hope you enjoyed the events and be on the look-out for more in the future!

Last Updated May 26, 2015