DRC Forms

poster saying the corporate ladder needs more wheelchair rampsDRC forms and documents are available for electronic submission and/or download on this page. Additionally, these forms and documents are available in paper version at the DRC office. If you have questions, need assistance, or need an alternative format, please let us know.

Initial Access Form

The DRC has a new database called MyDRC for students who are NEW TO THE DRC will use to start the registration process with the DRC.  For tutorials on how to use MyDRC, check out the MyDRC User Guide page.  Be sure to review our Getting Started page before completing this form.

MyDRC requires a Bellevue College ID to log in.  If you do not have a Bellevue College ID yet, you may fill out one of the forms below.  If using the fillable PDF or Word Document, remember to either print the form to bring into the DRC or to save and email the form to the DRC.

Request for Accommodation Form

The DRC has a new database called MyDRC that students CURRENTLY REGISTERED WITH THE DRC will use to request accommodations each quarter.  For tutorials on how to use MyDRC, check out the MyDRC User Guide page.  If you are a new DRC student, you must submit an Initial Access Form and have an access meeting before requesting accommodations in MyDRC.

Alternative Media Request Form

Use this form to request alternative media each quarter if you are approved for Alternative Media accommodations.  If you feel you need Alternative Media but do not have it as an accommodation, please request an updated access meeting.  If using the fillable PDF or Word Doc, remember to either print the form to bring into the DRC, or to save and email the form to the DRC.

Test Proctoring Forms, Two Versions: MyDRC & Green!

For Winter 2017 the DRC will be making both test proctoring forms available to faculty and students.  In Spring of 2017, MyDRC will be used almost exclusively.  For Winter 2017, each faculty member will choose how they would like to handle test proctoring, however, students should let them know if they have a preference.  Students should check in with their instructors for each class to determine which method they have chosen.

Version One: Using the MyDRC Test Proctoring Form:

Visit MyDRC and schedule your testing appointments online.  Your instructor will automatically be notified and tests will be delivered to the DRC.  You can even modify and cancel testing appointments online.  Visit our MyDRC User Guide page for a full explanation of the processes! (No need to use a Green Test Proctoring Form with this method.)

Version Two: Using the Green Test Proctoring Forms:

Please use the two-stage method of requesting your tests with the DRC:

  • STEP ONE: Schedule your tests with the DRC
    • Please schedule your tests at least 2 days prior to the class test date.  To do this:
    • Use the Syllabi Review form (Below) or call or email the DRC.
  • STEP TWO: Fill out the student portion of the Request For Test Proctoring Form, available from the DRC or in the links below:

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Syllabi Review Form

Use this form if you would like to schedule all of your quizzes, tests, and exams for the entire quarter at once.  This is not a required form.  The Student Syllabi Form is made available to students so they may go through all of their syllabi at the beginning of each quarter to list all their exams in one place.  This form can then be turned into the DRC to make appointments for each exam, instead of making appointments individually  Remember to either print the form to bring into the DRC, or to save and email the form to the DRC.

Sign Language Interpreter Request Form

Use this form to request an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter for an upcoming event, meeting, or appointment.  Please be sure to complete and submit this form at your earliest convenience but no later than 2 business days before your event; the earlier you request an interpreter, the more time we have to make the proper arrangements.

This request form is to be used by:

  • Deaf or hard-of-hearing DRC students as well as prospective students for virtually ANY meeting on campus (and case-by-case events off campus will be considered)
  • Hearing students who have no affiliation with the DRC but wish to meet with either a DRC-enrolled Deaf or hard-of-hearing student, staff or faculty member
  • Any college club who wish to have or require an ASL interpreter present for any college-wide public event
  • Any Deaf or hard-of-hearing student that wishes to attend a Bellevue College event

Requests for Faculty and Staff accommodations should be made through Human Resources. They can be reached at (425) 564-2274.  For any questions, including if your request should be made via this Form or to Human Resources, call our Deaf Services Specialist at (425) 564-4159 for voice, (425) 564-6189 for TTY, or DRCatBC on Skype for ASL users.

It is strongly encouraged that the organizer of the meeting/planner of the event be the person or entity responsible to request an interpreter; this is to ensure the form is filled out to its best possible completion. In the event of the request being made by a BC club/organization, the club/organization putting on the event will be responsible for compensating for the cost of the interpreter(s) and should include their budget number on the Interpreter Request Form.

Sign Language Interpreter Request Web Form

Information Release Authorization

If a student wants to grant the DRC the right to discuss information with someone, including a parent or guardian, this form will need to be filled out and turned into the DRC prior to the office communicating with the person named therein.  Read below for more on Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the law addressing student confidentiality.

Bellevue College FERPA page

FERPA Information Release Authorization

Public Law 93-380, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (“FERPA”), establishes that the education records of students attending or having attended the college are confidential and can be released only with written permission from the student. FERPA also authorizes the college to release so-called “directory information” without that prior written permission.

The primary rights of students under FERPA are:

  • to inspect and review their education records;
  • to request correction or amendment of their education records;
  • to have some control over disclosure of information from their education records.

BC has designated the following as “directory information” which may be disclosed without prior written consent unless the student notifies the college in writing by September 15 of the academic year:

  • student’s name;
  • student’s campus e-mail address;
  • degrees or certificates awarded;
  • dates of attendance at BC;
  • athletic statistics;
  • scholarships received;
  • membership or office held in student government or honor society;
  • part-time or full-time student status;
  • previous schools attended.

Volunteer Notetaker

We appreciate your interest in the Notetaker position and greatly look forward to working with you.  Thank you for taking on the responsibility and challenge of assisting a peer in striving for academic success!  Please contact the DRC to schedule a time to go over paperwork with you.

Last Updated July 26, 2021