Deaf Student Guidelines

If you are Deaf or hard of hearing, and you will require an interpreter or computer-aided real-time transcription (CART) services for your classes it is essential to request your accommodations at the DRC four to six weeks in advance. This lead time is important to securing qualified service providers in a highly competitive market for your classes before the quarter begins.

If you are not able to give us four weeks of lead time, we will make a good faith effort to meet your accommodation needs.  Bear in mind that a short lead time may result in producing a failed effort to find interpreters for classes last minute.

Note: Students who are Deaf and require interpreters/CART services providers for class have priority registration status and can register online at the Bellevue College Web site at If you do not have access to the Web site, contact the DRC office by email at

Remember to register as early as you can, and turn in a Request For Accommodation Form immediately after registering every quarter.


If you have to cancel interpreter/CART services for a class due to illness or other reasons, please notify us 24 hours in advance. The interpreters/CART service provider is required to wait for you for 20 minutes into the class period.    If you don’t arrive for class within the first 20 minutes of the period, the interpreter/CART service provider may leave the classroom. Please note that DRC will still pay the service provider. There are days we do wake up ill and cannot give notice, but we ask that you give notice as soon as you can to save valuable resources, but also save the provider from making an unnecessary trip to the college.

If you will be more than 20 minutes late to a class, contact the DRC and we can ask your interpreters/CART provider to wait for you to arrive.  If you will be unable to attend a class, contact the DRC 24 hours prior to the scheduled class. Contact the DRC 48 hours prior to a scheduled event if you are not able to attend.  DRC will contact the interpreter/CART service provider to cancel the service for that class or event.

If we notice a consistent pattern of absenteeism without sufficient notice to cancel providers, we may ask you to come in to discuss your plans for a successful completion of your program. The purpose of this meeting is not punitive, but for us to understand what support you may need in order to stay on track with your academic goals.

If you need to meet with an instructor or another staff person on campus, you may request an interpreter through the DRC.  We ask that you give 48 hours notice if possible; this notice is critical for scheduling purposes.

Solving Problems with interpreters/CART Services

If a problem arises between you and your class interpreter/CART service provider, the DRC encourages you to first discuss the issue with the interpreter or service provider directly. If no solution can be reached, then you may contact the DRC Deaf Services Specialist to rectify the situation or, if necessary, to assign a different interpreter/CART service provider for your class.

Last Updated May 5, 2015