LARP Your College XP

A College Life Summer Immersion Experience

Join other disabled and neurodivergent students this summer in a college-credit course and learn how to live on campus through live action role play!

Register for the class by July 1: EXPRL 194: Special Topics in Experiential Learning.

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Learn about on-campus living through live action roleplay, including:

  • Balancing academics and relaxation,
  • Resource management,
  • Finding your way around campus,
  • Roommates, and
  • Options for food, laundry, transportation,
  • and much more.

This course is co-taught by faculty from the Disability Resource Center, Neurodiversity Navigators, and Bellevue College‚Äôs Game Design Program. 

Apply to enroll at Bellevue College and the Residence Hall by June 15. First day of class is Tuesday, July 6.

Be sure to check out the requirements below.

Tuesdays: Preparing for Role Play

During this time, you’ll come together as a group with your instructors and design your game play. You’ll receive your topic, and make decisions together about what to include, and how to accomplish your tasks and goals.

Later in the week (Wednesday or Thursdays) Live Action Role Play

Role play your game! Think about what you’re learning while having fun (of course, this is college!) because you’ll want to remember it to use the skills and tools again.

Before the next Tuesday planning session

You will reflect on how it went, what XP you’ve gained, what tools you found that you want to keep, and what you want to discard. You can reflect with others in the Residence Hall who are also in the class, or do the reflection on your own. Just like life, you will have options!

  1. Must be approved for and living in housing for Summer 2022 at Bellevue College’s Residence Hall and meet their requirements.
  2. Must identify as disabled or neurodivergent and be willing and able to engage in discussions about this and other identities as they relate to college life.
  3. Should be co-enrolled in FYS 101: Neurodiversity Cohort or FYS 101: Disabled Students Navigating STEM cohort. Let us know if neither of these fits your needs.
  4. Must register for EXPRL 194: Special Topics in Experiential Learning (LARP Your College XP) for Summer 2022 (3 credits.)
  5. Costumes not required, although you are definitely allowed to bring and wear them.
  6. No weapon play.

Last Updated June 11, 2022