Universal Design for Learning and Accessibility

Since online learning is evolving at an increasing pace thanks to newly introduced technologies and new online delivery methodologies, there is increased importance being placed on accessibility in online classes and the need to embed Universal Design for Learning elements in our classes to create flexible and supportive learning environment for all students.

Promoting Radical Inclusion of Disabilities in Education Award

In 2015, Bellevue College created the DRC’s PRIDE (Promoting Radical Inclusion of Disabilities in Education) Award, with the goal of recognizing Bellevue College faculty or staff who go above and beyond accessibility and actively work toward inclusivity and celebration of people with disabilities as part of what makes BC diverse. Each quarter BC employees are acknowledged for their outstanding work to help move Bellevue College toward an institution more welcoming, supportive and celebratory for people with disabilities, thus creating a more equitable educational experience.

Autism Spectrum Navigators (ASN) Program In 2011, Bellevue College created the Autism Spectrum Navigators program to help autistic students successfully gain access to campus programs and services. Students in the program utilize a network of support, including meetings each week with trained peer mentors and participation in cohort classes along with their chosen programs of study. Other colleges are taking notice: Central Washington University partnered with Bellevue College and started their own Autism Spectrum Navigators program last spring. BC is currently in talks with several other colleges and universities interested in bringing the ASN program to their campuses.

“Part of our mission is to educate the campus and community about autism spectrum disorders to dispel the myths that abound about autism. Autistic students deserve to be recognized for the diversity and strengths they bring to our community,” said ASN Program Director Sara Gardner, who has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder herself.

Last Updated July 20, 2016