Competency Base Education (CBE)

Students value online education for its increased flexibility and mobility. To support students and their unique needs, Bellevue College is adding new online learning opportunities for students.

In 2013, Bellevue College Institute of Business and Information Technology (IBIT) launched its first Competency Based Online Business Software Specialist Certificate program, which includes eight courses and leads to development of the following students competencies:

  • Utilize intermediate to advanced software features in industry standard office software to solve business problem.
  • Develop and manage small business websites using industry standard software.
  • Gain Microsoft Office Specialist Core certification.

Once the certificate program was offered in 2013, it became immediately popular with students. If fact, the certificate was such a hit that Bellevue College decided to drop its traditional online version. Software Specialist Certificate program & FRQ


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Last Updated July 20, 2016