Communication class using Virtual Reality!

James Riggall and Bruce Wolcott kick off the start of Bellevue College’s new course offerings on Virtual Reality with CMST 196: Virtual Reality: Design and Communications in Winter 2018. Attendees included 15 people in the classroom at Bellevue College, another 15 in remote classrooms in the US, and 30 in Australia.

Interactive Worlds” events in the Collaboratory!

Be curious, be excited, expand knowledge in your current academic discipline, be aware of new technologies and their impact on your life, gain direct knowledge from information sources and expertise beyond the BC campus, increase familiarity with the Collaboratory and its events. Attract and engage BC faculty and their students in a variety of presentations focused on the theme of new technologies and their social impact. There are several desired outcomes:

1) Inform students of possible career paths

2) Provide information and experiences that augment existing course materials for BC instructors

3) Encourage critical thinking and raise awareness of current communication as well as other technical capabilities and related social issues

4) Promote the engagement of knowledge and expertise outside the classroom, as well as expand awareness of the Collaboratory space in the BC library.

  • Attend each featured Collaboratory “Interactive Worlds” events
  • Actively learn and participate in each featured event
  • Return to future Collaboratory events

Competency-Based Education (CBE)

Students value online education for their increased flexibility and mobility. To support students and their unique needs, Bellevue College is adding new online learning opportunities for students. In 2013, Bellevue College Institute of Business and Information Technology (IBIT) launched its first Competency-Based Online Business Software Specialist Certificate program, which includes eight courses and leads to the development of the following student’s competencies:

  • Utilize intermediate to advanced software features in industry-standard office software to solve the business problems.
  • Develop and manage small business websites using industry-standard software.
  • Gain Microsoft Office Specialist Core certification.

Once the certificate program was offered in 2013, it became immediately popular with students. If fact, the certificate was such a hit that Bellevue College decided to drop its traditional online version. Software Specialist Certificate program & FRQ


Last Updated May 12, 2020