eLearning Project Assistants

Collaborative workspace including latops, phones, notepads and pens

Awarded Financial Aid? Great!

Are you looking for a flexible Work Study Job while you develop new skills and support Students?

  • We are committed to the Bellevue College’s Mission
  • We are committed to eLearning’s Mission, Vision, and Engaged Learning focus.
  • Gain experience using a variety of technology devices, operating systems, and basic technology troubleshooting
  • Gain experience using a variety of software, Adobe, WordPress, Canvas, and other various digital media software/apps
  • Gain experience using effective verbal and written communication skills including Office365 proficiency
  • Gain experience managing time to perform tasks, meet deadlines and working independently
  • Gain experience working within a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment
  • Experience your desire to create, and complete projects within a timeline in collaboration with eLearning
  • Experience your desire to collaborate in leading Student Canvas Workshops and Training
  • Experience your desire to learn new skills, technologies, and software

For more details, complete the online application and apply to be an eLearning Project Assistant, visit Connect! For Students, and Search for eLearning Project Assistant. Guide to using Connect.

Student Canvas Training at Bellevue College is provided in three ways by eLearning:

eLearning website: https://www.bellevuecollege.edu/elearning/

Online Introduction for Students

Email: studentcanvastraining@bellevuecollege.edu

Twitter: @CanvasStudent

Last Updated May 18, 2021