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Student Evaluation Guide

First, students evaluate their instructors and courses. Then the college uses this information to evaluate the instructors and their courses, using this as an opportunity for instructors to improve their courses. Next, the courses are evaluated in different groups called “projects”; you may have courses in one or more of these “projects.” The “projects” can have different evaluation open and close dates, so you may receive more than one email notice.

Student Course Evaluations are managed by Effectiveness, Research & Analytics. Please send an email to with any questions or support needs. 

There are three ways to access your course evaluations:

  • A Bellevue College Email
  • A Canvas course pop-up message
  • A Canvas course widget

Notifications by Bellevue College Email

Evaluations are open-the-day evaluations are available for students with links to evaluations.

You receive the following emails:

  • Pre-survey announcement-sent two days before the opening of the evaluations.
  • Non-responder email.  You will only receive this email if you have not completed the course evaluation.
  • One email will be sent four days before evaluations close, and the second email will be sent two days before evaluations close and will contain a link to the evaluations.

Check both the “Clutter” and “Junk” folders in your BC email if you cannot find them in your Inbox.

Check your "Clutter" folder

Steps to Access your Evaluation

There are three ways to access evaluations.

Step 1. A Bellevue College Email

Email Example:

Dear Student,

Your course evaluation/s is/are now available! (Note: start/end dates may be different for different courses).

As a student at Bellevue College, you have an opportunity to provide us with feedback by participating in the student course evaluation process.

  • Will my instructor know what I wrote? The information you submit is completely confidential and anonymous; instructors do not have access to results until after grades are posted. Results cannot be associated with your personal
  • How much time will it take to complete the evaluation? Usually 10-15 minutes.
  • Where can I access the evaluation?
    • Through the link that your instructor provides.
    • When you log in to Canvas, you will also see a reminder to complete the course evaluation. You have two choices – “Go to Evaluation” – OR “Do it Later.” You will see this message every time you log in to Canvas until you complete the evaluation.*
    • Through the “widget” on your Canvas dashboard or the “widget” in each course. These are located on the right side.
    • Through the “Evaluate Your Course” link on the left navigation menu in each course (if the instructor activated the link)
  • How long do I have to complete the evaluation? The evaluations will close on (date). You should complete them as soon as possible.
  • What if I run out of time while taking the evaluation? You will have TWO OPPORTUNITIES to save results and return to complete the evaluation late After two times, you will need to finish the survey.

Select this link to Login to access your course evaluation. Once you have completed the evaluation(s), you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” in your Bellevue College email.

If you have questions/concerns, please get in touch with

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback.

Bellevue College Staff

Step 2. A Canvas Course pop-up message

A message appears after logging into Canvas. This message will only appear when the evaluations are open.  Once evaluations are complete, the message disappears.

Example of Pop up Message image

Step 3. A Canvas course widget

The widgets are located on the right side of the screen. The widget will list the day the evaluations begin and the day they close. It also indicates how many days are left to complete the evaluation.

Example of Instructor Widget image
Example of Student Widget image

Select a Course to Evaluate

Now you are on your EvaluationKit Dashboard, and you can see a list of your courses. Note that some of your courses may be evaluated at different times, so you might not see all of them on the list. Select the title of the course you want to evaluate. In this example, PSY240

Example of Student Canvas Access Dashboard image

Step 1. Answer the questions

Step 2. You have to option to save and return later and finish.

If you start filling out an evaluation and need to stop for some reason, you can save your results by clicking on the “Come Back Later” button at the bottom of the evaluation. You can save it twice. The third time you start the survey, you will need to complete the survey.

Example of Do It Later notice image

Step 3.  Submit your evaluation.

When you have completed the evaluation and selected the submit button, you will receive a confirmation message verifying that you are ready to submit the evaluations. If you are ready to submit, select “OK”. See image below

Example of Submission image

Step 4. Confirmation

Once you submit your evaluation, you will be returned to your EvaluationKit Dashboard. You will notice the completion date and time next to the completed evaluation. See the image below.

Example of View after completion image

Certificate of Completion

Once you have completed an evaluation, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion”. The certificate is sent to your Bellevue College email. If your instructor offers extra credits if you complete the evaluation, you can use this certificate as proof of completion. Please check with your instructor for directions on how to submit this certificate. Your instructor’s name is listed on the certificate.

Example of Certificate of Completion image

Have trouble accessing your evaluations? Need Help?

First, try a different browser, then email all questions for Watermark (formerly known as Evaluation Kit) to with a detailed email including:

  • Your Name
  • Course
  • A screenshot depicting the issue you are having.

Last Updated May 31, 2024