Getting Started

Online Courses

You can earn a degree or certificate through a combination of online and hybrid courses. This option may work well if you need to fit classes in between work or home commitments, or you don’t live near the Bellevue College campus. If you are pursuing a degree or certificate program taking only on-campus courses or …more about Online Courses

Introduction to Online Learning

What is eLearning? If you are reviewing this website, you’ve decided to investigate online learning as an alternative to a traditional classroom. But what does this really mean for you as a student? eLearning or Distance education means education that uses one or more of the technologies: (1) The internet; (2) One-way and two-way transmissions …more about Introduction to Online Learning

Is eLearning for You?

Online learning requires you to have good time management and communication skills, as well as being comfortable around technology. Successful eLearning students. Work independently. Take notes from textbooks, media and online lectures. Set goals and work through the process to achieve them, even when confronted with obstacles. Are confident in their academic capabilities. Are confident …more about Is eLearning for You?

Out of State Students

State and Institutions Participating in SARA Bellevue College is a member of SARA, a regional compact recently unified under a national “Unified State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement” (SARA). This nationwide initiative makes online courses more accessible to students across state lines and make it easier for states to regulate – and institutions to participate in – …more about Out of State Students

Applying & Enrolling

Welcome to Bellevue College eLearning! To help you get started with your application process, we have complied a list of resources and outlined the following steps for you: Apply Applying for admissions is your first step as a new student. If you are returning to Bellevue College after being away for more than four quarters, …more about Applying & Enrolling

Students in Other Countries

If an international student wishes to take online classes exclusively (no on-campus or hybrid classes) and is not seeking an I-20 from Bellevue College, they may apply with the regular admissions application and $34 application fee. Students will be asked to confirm that they intend to take only online classes. We will also ask for …more about Students in Other Countries