Online Courses

You can earn a degree or certificate through a combination of online and hybrid courses. This option may work well if you need to fit classes in between work or home commitments, or you don’t live near the Bellevue College campus.

If you are pursuing a degree or certificate program taking only on-campus courses or a mix of on-campus and distance courses, consult your program’s Degrees and Certificates information pages.

If you are looking for just a single online course to fill your schedule, scan the Credit Class Schedules. (Select current or upcoming quarter. Check format “Online” to view only online classes.)

Online Degree and Certificates offered at Bellevue College:

Healthcare Informatics BAS Degree

With the recent move to electronic healthcare data systems and to more accountable healthcare, the need for individuals trained to implement and maintain healthcare data systems, as well as to analyze and utilize data to facilitate efficient and effective healthcare delivery, has grown significantly. The Healthcare Informatics program offers students educational options for moving into this exciting career path with its baccalaureate degree in Healthcare Informatics and some short-term certificate options.

Healthcare Management & Leadership BAS Degree

This career-oriented bachelor degree program is designed to prepare individuals to become successful supervisors, managers and administrators within hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers. The degree offers professionally relevant curriculum built around the advanced technical and supervisory knowledge needed to manage healthcare systems and facilities.



Unique Program Features

Curriculum was developed in collaboration with subject matter experts and industry professionals in order to ensure that courses are relevant and useful. Some great features of our program:

  • Career-oriented
  • Provides a pathway for students holding professional or technical degrees
  • Available for both part-time and full-time enrollment
  • Fully online courses
  • Accessible through online distance-based learning environments

Online Courses

Some of the courses listed for these programs are offered in an online format. Check with the individual departments for a list of courses offered with an online option.


Last Updated October 20, 2020