Cidi Labs: Add a self-check quiz to a Canvas page

There are many reasons why you may want to add quick self-check quizzes to your course content. Students may feel more engaged with the material if they are asked to “do” something on the page. Self-check questions may help students retain information. Self-check questions allow students to know when they might need to go back over material. And self-check questions give the instructor important information on what students might need more exposure to.

Using Cidi Labs, you can easily add self-check questions to content pages in Canvas.

  1. Find the page that you want to add a self-check question to and click on “edit” to open the rich content editor. In this example, I want to add a self-check question to a page that includes a video I want my students to watch.
edit button on a Canvas page

2. Launch the Design Tools interface by clicking on the rocket icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, or by using the short-cut keys Option-Shift-D on a Mac or Alt-Shift-D on a PC.

Cidi Labs launch icon

3. Click on the Design Tools setting icon to open up the settings menu.

Design Tools setting icon

4. In the settings menu, scroll down to find, and then turn on, the quick check option.

quick check toggle in the design tools settings menu

5. Exit the settings menu. Position your cursor on the page where you would like to place the self-check quiz. Then click on “add advanced elements.”

add advanced elements option in the design tools menu

6. Choose “quick check” in the advanced elements menu list.

quick check option in the advanced elements menu

7. Choose the “add a block” option, then enter your question and potential answers into the quiz pop-up editor screen.

quick check options include add as a block and add at cursor

8. Note the correct answer by clicking on the answer in the answer list. This will trigger a green check mark next to the correct answer.

mark the correct answer in the quick check editor

9. As needed, you can add additional answers. You can also choose to limit the ability of students to move forward in the module until they have answered the question.

toggle to block students from moving forward in the module until they have attempted the self-check question

10. Save your changes to the page.

Save button at the bottom of a Canvas page in edit mode.

Last Updated February 18, 2021