Cidi Labs: Convert a pre-existing content page into a Cidi Labs template

If you previously spent a lot of time carefully designing your Canvas pages and you don’t want to make changes to them, you can still use Cidi Labs to convert any page into a template. When a page is marked as a template, it becomes easily available to use in other spaces in your course or in other courses.

  1. Open the page you want to convert to a template by clicking edit at the top of the page.
edit a page

2. In the title text field, add “[Template]” at the start of the title. Be sure to use the square brackets and to use a capital T in the word Template.

the word Template with a capital T and enclosed in square brackets in the page title text field at the beginning of the page title

3. Save your changes.

Save link on a Canvas page in edit mode

Last Updated February 18, 2021