Cidi Labs: Create a content page using content blocks

A content block is a combination of a heading and paragraph styles. There are many advantages to using content blocks to create your content. Using the content block option in Cidi Labs, whether you use the preset blocks or create your own, will save you time. The use of content blocks promotes accessibility and consistency to your content. And, it will allow you the capability to quickly change the look and feel of the content.

This resource shows you how to use Cidi Labs content blocks for a page, but the process is the same for assignments, discussion, announcements, and the quiz details page.

  1. In the Canvas pages screen, choose “view all pages.”
Canvas pages lscreen with the “view all pages” link.

2. Create a new page by clicking “+ page.”

Add a page option on the page index screen

3. Title your page.

title text field in the page editor

4. Save your new page.

save option on the page editor screen

  1. Open the page to add blocks.
edit button on the page screen

2. Launch the Design Tools interface by clicking on the rocket icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, or by using the short-cut keys Option-Shift-D on a Mac or Alt-Shift-D on a PC.

design tools launch icon

3. Choose “+ Add Content Blocks” in the Design Tools editor.

add content blocks option in the design tools menu

4. Choose the content blocks from the preset options, or add your own in the text field provided in the pop-up window.

available page blocks list

5. Once the content blocks are chosen, you can make changes to the blocks in the Add/Rearrange Content Blocks editor. Here, you can rearrange the block order, delete unwanted blocks, add or remove icons associated with each block, and add new blocks.

content block editor in Design Tools

6. Click on “Choose a theme.”

Choose a theme link in the Create/Edit content menu

7. Hover over the themes to see a pop-up representation of the theme. Choose a theme.

page themes pop-up

8. Click on “Customize Banner Text.”

customize banner text option in the create/edit syllabus content menu

9. Add your own banner text information. Remove any preset text you don’t want.

banner text editor

10. You may now add your own content to the blocks in the rich content editor in Canvas.

content blocks in the rich content editor

11. Save your changes.

save option on the page editor screen

Last Updated February 25, 2021