How To: Import Test Banks from ExamView Test Builder (Cengage)

To get started

  1. Before proceeding, make sure you have admin rights on the computer. Disable any Firewalls if installed.
  2. Insert the CD
  3. Run/Install the program from the ExamView CD. The ExamView program will be first loaded on the computer. Even if you have an older copy, it will re-install the newer version. Each CD has an individualized test banks.

How to: Install a Test Bank

  1. Insert the CD and Start the ExamView Test Generator software
  2. Click on Open an Existing Question Bank
  3. Select the test bank that you want to import

Create a Zip File

  1. Select > File > Export > WebCT CE 4-6/Vista 3-4 -(Some Publishers do not have a choice for Canvas)
  2. Select the path to you desktop
  3. Give the File a name.
  4. In the Export window click OK – Keep the defaults

Import the zipped file to Canvas

  1. Login to Canvas and go to your Canvas course
  2. On the Left navigation menu select Settings
  3. On the Right menu > Import Content into this Course
  4. Choose > Import Content from a content package or from another system
  5. Select from drop down list
  6. Browse to the saved zip file in your desktop and click Open
  7. Any new test bank being imported should be created as a New Question Bank with a meaningful name
  8. Click “Import Course”
  9. You will receive an email when the content has been processed

Locating the Question Bank and the Quiz

  1. Click on Quizzes in the course navigation
  2. Select Manage Question Banks
  3. You will find the new Question Bank and you will also find a Quiz with the same name
  4. If you need to update any questions use the Question Bank and not the Quiz. Ideally once a Question Bank has been created the Quiz should be deleted and recreated with the new adjustments/updates.

Note: Always check for questions in the “Unamed Quiz”. When there is an error when importing, questions will fall under this category. You can re-locate these questions to the correct Question Bank.

You are now ready to import the next test bank.

Last Updated October 21, 2020