New Canvas Gradebook

The new Gradebook will be the default starting Winter 2020 quarter. Currently you have a choice. But once you start using the New Gradebook you cannot switch back.

Functionality Comparison:  Current vs. New Canvas Gradebook

To help with the transition from the current Canvas gradebook to the New Gradebook, here is handy comparison chart on Canvas guides.

With the new Gradebook you can:

  • Easily view and enter grades for students.
  • Grades for assignments may be viewed as points, percentage, complete/incomplete, GPA scale, or letter grade.
  • Only graded assignments, discussions, quizzes, and surveys are displayed.
  • Toggle between either all or individual student views.

What features are in the current Gradebook that are not in the New Gradebook?

New Gradebook has parity with the current Gradebook, but some functionality in the current Gradebook has been repurposed:

  • Assignment Details—this feature will be replaced by New Analytics functionality, which provides improved analytics capabilities.
  • Hide Student Names—this feature has been resolved in the New Gradebook by the Anonymous Grading and Moderated Grading features already implemented in Canvas. (Hiding student names is still available in SpeedGrader, which is a separate feature and not affected by this project.)
  • Treat Ungraded as 0—this feature changes the view of how grades are displayed to instructors in the Gradebook and does not directly affect student grades. This feature is currently still available in the Individual View Gradebook but not in the Grid View Gradebook, which will be resolved in a future release. If you still want to view grades as zeroes in the New Gradebook, apply grades as zeros using the global Missing Policy option or use the Default Grade option for individual assignments. (Please note these options are not retroactive and will only apply to new submissions.)

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Last Updated October 24, 2020