Summer Institute feedback 2020

“You all are a treasure! Thank you for consistently providing all faculty with quality, usable, workable, practical ways to make our courses fun and educational for our students. Thank you for your patience when I’ve needed help with an issue. You Folks Rock”

“EXTREMELY HELPFUL, I would recommend this for all new faculty members.”

“I am so happy to have all of you at eLearning in my life! I can’t thank you enough for helping me become a better instructor through Canvas”

“This was the best online conference I have attended.  The organization was great and made it easy to stay engaged.  The modules were amazing – clearly organized, a good amount of content, all the content was extremely helpful.  I have done a lot of PD at BC, but I learned (and relearned) so much from this institute.  Extremely well done!!”

“This is the best, most immediately applicable workshop I have ever attended! Thank you for hosting a live day, creating the asynchronous Canvas modules that we can explore on our own, and giving us an hour of free design help —like a ‘personal designer’ remote teaching coach.”

“I really appreciated how every aspect of Canvas and remote learning was addressed. I am adept at all the basics of Canvas but I needed prodding to spruce up my courses and I think this will do it. Also, the course reminded me about how much information is available on your website. This is information I can use but don’t always take advantage of.”

“This was a fantastic summer institute! I enjoyed both the virtual meetings in addition to the drop-in sessions and all of the content provided in our course shell was extremely beneficial. I will definitely be recommending this training to my fellow faculty members. All of the instructors were wonderful too, thank you!”

“In each of the live sessions I learned something new and it was great to see you all. As I completed the asynchronous modules I am revising things in my course. The problem will be having enough time…The examples and templates are so helpful. I will likely come back to the course throughout Fall. Thank you!”

“Great course and great modeling in the course design for faculty to attempt to copy!  I will try my best to do so.”

“The information presented in the modules is quite handy in designing an appealing and engaging Canvas page for a course and in saving instructor’s time. Thank you!”

Last Updated October 21, 2020