The Peer to Peer Design Project (ended)

The Peer to Peer Project Has Ended

The project was a success and it has now ended.

The Peer to Peer Design Project was an opportunity for faculty to participate in a meaningful review of their course. The faculty member and a peer reviewer utilized a quality course design rubric to support self-reflection and course improvement.

We have closed the Peer to Peer project. The information below is for archive purposes.

You will receive payment for 7 hours of work per course, max three courses. If you are having a course reviewed during the summer then we will speak with you about payment options. Please read the FAQ pull down menu below for more information.

Course Review Questions

  1. How does this work?
    You will be assigned a Course Reviewer. A Reviewer will use a quality course design rubric and recommend changes in your online course. The Reviewer will spend up to 2 hours on your course. You will get paid for 7 hours of work per course.
  2. How often will the instructor and Course Reviewer meet?
    There are 2 required meetings with the Course Reviewer, one at the start of the review and one after you have made changes to your course based on the recommendations from the first meeting.
  3. Can I receive additional design support?
    Yes. You can make an appointment with an eLearning Designer for further assistance or join us on our Live Faculty Support Zoom sessions.
  4. How many of my courses can we update?
    You will receive payment for updating up to 3 of your courses. You will get paid for 7 hours of work on each courses, for a maximum of 21 hours.
  5. Where will we make the course updates?
    Interactive eLearning will create a sandbox site for each course to be reviewed. Once you have completed the course updates then you can import new content from the sandbox to your active Canvas site. Designers and Course Reviewers are available to help with your content import.
  6. When did this project begin?
    Course Reviewers were first trained in Fall Quarter 2020, and the first reviews took place shortly afterwards. The project is ongoing.
  7. When do the reviews end?
    Applications for course review are still open.
  8. Will this course review count towards my quarterly faculty evaluation?
    No. These reviews are conducted independently of faculty course evaluations. Faculty evaluations are completed by students and are not related to this review.
  9. Will my course content be reviewed?
    No. The Course Reviewers are reviewing design and accessibility, and not the course content. It is unlikely that the Reviewer will be a subject matter expert in your subject.

Canvas Course Design Review Guidelines

The college will provide the opportunity for faculty to improve online courses through consultation with the Interactive eLearning department. Faculty who participate in this process will be eligible for a stipend.

Instructors who complete their course review in the summer will be contacted about the best payment options for them.

Each faculty can apply this review/improvement process for up to two courses.

Faculty will consult with the Interactive eLearning department at the beginning of the process and review changes to their course(s) at the end of the process.

The final course review with the Interactive eLearning department must be completed by end of spring quarter. Faculty who do not consult and review changes with Interactive eLearning are not eligible for these stipends.

The College will work with Interactive eLearning to assure that there are reasonable opportunities for consulting with Interactive eLearning staff throughout this time period.

Last Updated June 11, 2024