Rob Fieser

Assistant Professor


Rob was born and raised in Seattle. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Slavic Languages and Linguistics and a Master’s degree in TESL, both from the University of Washington. He has taught ESL since 1983, and spent a year in the JET program in Kobe, Japan in 1988. He has a spent more than a year in Taiwan, and in 2004, studied Chinese for 3 terms (9 months) at Shi-Da in Taipei.  He has been an instructor at Bellevue C since 1989. Rob enjoys traveling to foreign countries, learning foreign languages, and watching track and field competitions. Rob no longer does kung fu, but he still savors watching good martial arts movies. He peruses old Dave Barry columns sometimes, and is passionate about digital photography (ask his colleagues!). Largely because of his experiences abroad, Rob is familiar with many of the problems that foreign students face when studying ESL in the US. Rob believes that students learn best when they are relaxed and so he tries to create a classroom atmosphere in which nobody is afraid to make a mistake in using English.