► International Business Professions Program

The International Business Professions (IBP) program is a one year program consisting of four quarters of IBP, English, and college level classes. Upon successful completion of the first three quarters of coursework, students participate in a 220-hour, unpaid observation period with a local company or organization tailored to each student’s area of interest.  The IBP Program curriculum, training, and experience gives students a competitive career advantage.

Admission Requirements: To apply to the IBP Program, go to:



Students in other countries or currently in the U.S., can apply to the IBP Program at:

If you have questions about the IBP Program, please contact: 
Mr. Deron Dahlke, Assistant Director
Phone:    (425) 564-3198
Email: deron.dahlke@bellevuecollege.edu

Students in Japan must apply to the IBP Program through the agency International Cross-cultural Committee (ICC)  www.iccworld.info  or www.iccworld.co.jp (Japanese)


Last Updated March 10, 2016